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Trump Takes Brutal Direct Shot at Biden's Physical Health: Can't Lift His Feet Off 2-Inch WH Grass

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Former President Donald Trump came out swinging in an interview with Tucker Carlson on Wednesday.

The 2024 Republican front-runner, speaking with Carlson at his Bedminster, New Jersey, resort, took part in the online interview as an alternative to the GOP’s first primary debate.

Trump questioned President Joe Biden’s ability to serve in the Oval Office, citing his physical and mental health.

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“I think he’s worse mentally than he is physically, and physically he’s not exactly a triathlete. Or any kind of an athlete,” Trump said.

Trump indicated that he had seen Biden struggling to walk to the Marine One helicopter on the White House grounds.

“He can’t walk to the helicopter,” Trump said. “He can’t lift his feet out of the grass. You know, it’s only 2 inches at the White House, right? That’s not a lot.

“But you watch him and it looks like he’s walking on toothpicks.”

Trump went on to discuss footage of Biden’s numerous beach getaways.

“And then you see him on the beach where he can’t lift a chair. You know, those chairs are meant to be light, right? They’re like 2 ounces,” Trump said. “He can’t walk through the sand!”

Trump even suggested that Biden would be unable to complete his first term.

“I don’t think he’s going to make it to the gate, but, you know, you never know,” he said.

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This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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