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Trump Tax Returns Going Public After House Committee's Partisan Vote

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After years of unmitigated obsession regarding Donald Trump’s private tax returns, the Democrats of the House Ways and Means Committee has finally achieved their dastardly goal.

The group, along with a bevy of assorted other liberals, have been hoping to use the former President’s financial status against him for a vast amount of time.  Now, after he’s already left office, the committee has voted to unleash Trump personal finances to the world at large.

The House Ways and Means Committee voted Tuesday to make six years of former President Donald Trump’s tax returns public — potentially ending years of speculation about what they might reveal about his business dealings and personal wealth.

The panel voted along party lines to make the returns available and information could be available as soon as Wednesday — the day the House Jan. 6 committee is set to issue its final report on the riot at the U.S. Capitol — which will be the final days of Democratic control of Congress before Republicans take over the House in January.

And there was more where that came from:

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Later Tuesday, the committee released a 29-page report summarizing its investigation into an IRS policy that mandates audits of returns filed by presidents and vice presidents. The committee found that the IRS had largely not followed its own internal requirement, only beginning to examine Trump’s returns after the panel inquired about the process. Just one year of Trump’s returns while in office was selected for the mandatory review, and the audit was not complete by the time he left the White House, according to the report.

“During the prior Administration, it was clear that the mandatory audit program was not a priority and was not provided with the resources needed to ensure compliance by the former President,” the report states. “An internal IRS memo stated: ‘With over 400 flow-thru returns reported on the Form 1040, it is not possible to obtain the resources available to examine all potential issues.'”

The release of this data has largely been viewed as a political maneuver by the GOP, who fear the information will be weaponized against Trump in the 2024 election, where he remains the presumptive Republican nominee.

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