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Trump Trolls Jim Acosta BIGLY After Botched Border Video

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Hilariously, CNN’s most coveted “resistance” voice was lambasted on social media today after seemingly agreeing with President Trump’s border security plan in an incredibly tone-deaf report.

Jim Acosta, known for his “Dear Diary” Twitter meme, arrived at the border this week with the hope of embarrassing Donald Trump by demonstrating the ineffectiveness of a border wall.  What we gleaned instead was Acosta’s own obliviousness in the realm of national security, as he reported that no major issues are occurring in places where the wall has already been built.

As a man unable to waste such an opportunity for retribution, President Trump was certain to display his own gratitude to Acosta for his misfire.

President Donald Trump thanked CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Friday for filming a video on the Southern border with a steel barrier on it.

“Good job yesterday,” Trump said to Acosta after spotting him at the White House. “I appreciate your sales pitch.”

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Acosta filmed a video of a “steel slat” barrier on the Southern border, noting that there was no crisis there, which prompted wide-spread mockery on Twitter from Trump supporters.

The exchange itself was hilarious.

“I didn’t see any danger on the border Mr. President,” Acosta replied.

“That’s because we had a wall,” Trump replied.

“There were portions that didn’t have a wall,” Acosta replied, as reporters left the room.

Trump ignored Acosta’s response and continued, “Some people are dumb. Great promotion for us.”

As the shutdown continues, we should expect nothing less than such from Acosta and the rest of the mainstream media, whose main focus will be on ratings instead of reporting their “news”.

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