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Trump Tweets Obama Speech from 2014 That’ll Have Chuck and Nancy LIVID

Once again, President Trump tweets proof that this border wall battle is nothing more than repugnant “resistance” schtick.



Barack Obama

President Trump has said the government won’t open until he has money for his border wall.  Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi say “no”.

It’s a 5th grade fight, that’s for sure, as evidence by Ana Navarro last night on CNN who metaphorically stuck her fingers in her ears while making a sexist caricature of an uncaring woman simply because she didn’t want to hear about the border crisis anymore.

Meanwhile, children are dying at the border and women are being raped just trying to get there.

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Trump has called the issue a “crisis”, and it certainly is.

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Heck, even Barack Obama agrees with himand has for about 4 years, apparently.

President Donald Trump tweeted a video Thursday of his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, calling the situation on the U.S.-Mexico border a “crisis.”

Trump addressed the fact that he is being criticized for calling the border situation a “crisis” while talking to reporters on Thursday morning, and pointed out that the former president used the same language.

The president hammered the point again by tweeting out a video of Obama stating that there is a “humanitarian crisis on the border” from 2014.

And, because it’s just too good not to witness with your own eyes:

If this isn’t an appropriate time for a “mic drop” GIF, I don’t know what is.




Save conservative media!


BLM Protesters Attempted to Murder Black Cop At His Home, Fired Shot Through His Door

Shouldn’t this be a bigger story…???

John Salvatore



The fact that this isn’t a bigger story says everything a person needs to know about Democrats and the mainstream media. Both have crafted a narrative that BLM and Antifa protesters are peaceful. Liars. Straight up liars. LOOK: Here’s a video… Here’s what Mensah penned on Facebook… An elected Democrat lawmaker was at the “protest”… More: H/T: Right Scoop

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Seattle City Council Votes to Slash $3 Million From Police Budget, Cut Recruitment By $800K

Out of control!

John Salvatore



Only bad people would want to see good people put in harm’s way over the actions of an incredibly small fraction of police officers. Seattle is run by complete know-nothings. This is what can happen when Democrats are elected to office. From Daily Wire: The Seattle City Council voted to remove approximately $3 million from the Seattle Police Department’s budget, which included: -Cut 32 officers from patrol – $533,000 -Reduced specialized units including officers assigned to mounted unit, school resource officers, homeland security, harbor patrol, SWAT team – $250,000 […] Cut recruitment and retention – $800,000 The council also voted to remove “two sworn officer positions from the 911 Emergency Call Center.” That’s not all, though. There’s a lot more. Click the link above to see the rest of the nonsense.

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