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Trump's Major Victory for Minorities That the Media Doesn't Want to Cover

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The Democrats rely heavily on Trump’s rhetoric about illegal aliens and his strict border policies to support their obsession with portraying POTUS as a racist.

Nevermind that he’s pretty much never said something racist, but rather harshly criticized criminals who happen to be non-white.

When it comes to his actual views of race, they have little else to go on.

What’s worse for the left, Trump’s policies have, so far, done nothing but good for minorities, at least, for those living legally in the US. Illegal immigration, of course, hits minority communities the hardest, as does unemployment, and gun control.

And when it comes to immigration and unemployment, the Trump administration has been hitting it out of the park (still holding our fingers for a major 2A victory).

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Of course, the left-wing media complex is much more concerned with conveying the Presidency as a scandal-filled trainwreck to nowhere, and the better things get under Trump, the more they amp up the volume.

Like, you probably didn’t catch this story, as reported by The Washington Examiner:

Unemployment for Hispanic workers again plumbed a new record low in July, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday.

The unemployment rate for Hispanic or Latino workers fell to 4.5 percent in the month, lower than the previous record of 4.6 percent that was set just the month before.

Unemployment for minorities has fallen to historical lows as the jobs recovery has extended into a ninth year. The recovery has also benefited other groups who typically are at the margins of the economy. For example, jobless rates for high school dropouts also hit a record low in July.

Oh, that’s right–there are Hispanics in the US who aren’t illegal aliens! Based on the stories the media loves to focus on, one might have forgotten.

To be fair, the Examiner notes, “although minority unemployment has plumbed new lows during Trump’s tenure, the recovery also predates his presidency. It’s been falling fairly steadily since 2011.”

This didn’t stop Trump from taking credit, and, to be honest, who can blame him? The economy has been booming under his watch, and it’s important to pay attention to the reality of what life is like for minorities in the US amid the emotionally-charged intersectional rhetoric the media is usually screaming at us.

Not to mention, let’s not forget all those hard-working native-born and legal Hispanics out there who, as Americans, deserve to be put first and that is exactly what Trump has promised to do for all Americans.

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