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#TrumpWasRight Trends After Hillary Spying Bombshell

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The general impression that the nation holds of the Clinton family isn’t necessarily a positive one.  In fact, the career politicians have both earned a reputation for their clandestine and shadowy maneuvering, and this week’s events certainly aren’t going to do much top assuage those beliefs.

That’s because Hillary Clinton is now reported to have actively worked to spy on Donald Trump via cyber-espionage targeting Trump Tower.

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign paid an internet company to “infiltrate” servers at Trump Tower and the White House in order to link Donald Trump to Russia, a bombshell new legal filing alleges.

The Friday filing from a Department of Justice prosecutor tasked with investigating the origins of the FBI’s Russian probe served to throw cold water on Democrats’ longstanding allegations of collusion.

Special Counsel John Durham filed a motion related to potential conflicts of interests in connection with the case of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, who is charged with lying to the feds, according to Fox News.

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The news had #TrumpWasRight trending on Twitter.

The Durham probe is ongoing and could continue to provide Americans with further insight into the nefarious goings-on within the Clinton campaign for months to come still.

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