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TSA Workers, Sick of Shutdown, Stop Arriving For Work!

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While the TSA has almost always been a joke of a government agency, things are getting a little bit serious around our nation’s airports in light of the recent government shutdown.

As the President and the democrats battle over a border wall, (something that left-leaning leader Chuck Schumer has been in support of on camera in the past), our government is in a “partial shutdown”.  This is the version of a shutdown where everyone is still supposed to go to work, all 800,000 of these currently unpaid employees, with backpay arriving once the government finally gets funded.

The President has said that this could be “years”, as the democrats are suddenly unwilling to allow for that border wall that they once demanded.

TSA agents, who are not particularly well-compensated, and don’t have a particularly fulfilling job, are not looking to wait around to maybe get at some point.  Instead, they are simply refusing to go to work, possibly to find other jobs.

The federal agency tasked with guaranteeing U.S. airport security acknowledged an increase in the number of its employees calling off work during the partial government shutdown .

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Employees of the Transportation Security Administration are expected to work without pay during the shutdown because their jobs are considered essential.

The TSA said in a statement Friday that call outs that began over the holiday period have increased. The agency did not say how many of its employees have called out, but it said the call outs have had “minimal impact given that there are 51,739 employees supporting the screening process.” The statement said wait times “may be affected” but so far “remain well within TSA standards.”

“TSA is closely monitoring the situation,” the agency statement said. “Security effectiveness will not be compromised.”

The TSA, which was created in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on the east coast, has been harangued by the media, We The People, and many liberty-oriented politicians for their severe lack of effectiveness and grotesquely invasive practices.


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