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TSA's Absentee Rate Hits Double Digits as Dems Refuse DACA Compromise

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As our nation’s federal government remains in a partial shutdown, now entering day thirty-one, we are beginning to fully feel the effects of the nonsense here on the ground level.

One the most obvious and annoying pieces of blowback from this democratic stubbornness has been the mass failures at the Transportation Security Administration.

Sure, the TSA is used to being the unwanted stepchild of the government security community, and with good reason:  Not only have they yet to catch an actual terrorist, their invasive molestation of the American public, in public, has been giving We The People a feeling of imprisonment since the early 2000’s.

Now that these agents are being asked to work without pay, the entire organization looks to be on the verge of collapse.

The Transportation Security Administration said one in 10 of its employees scheduled to work Sunday took the day off, with many employees citing “financial limitations” preventing them from working.

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“Yesterday’s complete figures show that TSA experienced a national rate of 10 percent of unscheduled absences compared to a 3.1 percent rate one year ago on the same day, Jan. 20, 2018,” the TSA said in a statement Monday. “Many employees are reporting that they are not able to report to work due to financial limitations.”
As CNN previously reported, TSA screeners have called out from work through the shutdown, and the problem has taken on heightened attention as the shutdown has worn on and unscheduled absences have ticked up significantly relative to last year.
The TSA statement in the fifth week of the longest government shutdown on record underscored the particular impact the funding impasse has had on the nation’s airports and the employees handling security screenings without pay.
Then came the predictable, disillusioned drivel that we’ve come to expect from the TSA:
The statement said that despite the high rate of unscheduled absences, wait times were “within normal TSA times” of 30 minutes in standard lanes and 10 minutes for TSA PreCheck flyers. The statement acknowledged that “some airports experienced longer than usual wait times.”
With the NFL’s Super Bowl taking place in Atlanta, Georgia in a few weeks, all eyes will be on Hartsfield-Jackson – the world busiest airport – and how it handles the influx of passengers coming to The Peach State for the big game.
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