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Tucker Carlson Brutally Dissects 'Illiterate' Jill Biden's Dissertation, Exposes Many Flaws

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First Lady Jill Biden. Ugh. Has a pretty horrible sounding ring to it, doesn’t it? The fact that the left is pushing for all Americans to recognize her as a doctor has the uninformed believing she’s an MD.

She’s not.

In fact, based on her doctoral dissertation, Jill shouldn’t have even graduated.

From Fox News:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson doubled down on mocking incoming first lady Jill Biden on his Wednesday show, labeling her as “illiterate” and blasting her doctoral dissertation.

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On his Wednesday show, Carlson continued his criticism against Biden and her doctoral degree in education, piling on earlier attacks after The Wall Street Journal published an op-ed last week encouraging her not to use the “Dr.” title as a nonmedical doctor.


Jill is clearly just as goofy as her husband, the man who very well might wind up the most powerful man in the world.

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