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Tucker Carlson Releases Explosive Interview with RFK Jr., Touching on Ukraine and JFK Assassination: 'We're Being Lied To'

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On Monday, Tucker Carlson released a new episode of “Tucker on Twitter” where he interviewed 2024 Democratic presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr.

“[I]f you’re interested in why we found ourselves at war with Russia or who killed his uncle, President Kennedy, and why, it’s worth watching,” Tucker said promoting the video.

Kennedy claimed in the interview that the American public was being “lied to” about the war in Ukraine.

He also offered a detailed explanation as to why he believes the Central Intelligence Agency was involved with the assassination of his uncle, the late-President John Kennedy.

“When it comes to the Ukraine war … We were lied to from the beginning,” Kennedy said on Carlson’s program on “X,” formerly known as Twitter.

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“You know, we had this comic book depiction, which we see in on every war. There’s a bad guy who’s like, you know, unspeakably evil, who’s planning world conquest or a terrorist attack on America, and we have to be the good guys and go in and stop it,” he continued.

“And Ukraine, the background of the Ukraine War is much more complex than that. You know, the U.S. has been involved in, particularly the neocons in the White House … since 2001, have been talking about putting NATO in Ukraine,” Kennedy said.

The attorney recounted that at the end of the Cold War, then-Soviet Union Premier Mikhail Gorbachev agreed to the reunification of Germany with the understanding that NATO would not move farther east into the Soviet satellite countries like Poland, Romania, Latvia and Estonia.

But those countries and others in eastern Europe were all allowed to join NATO, placing the Western alliance right on parts of Russia’s border.

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Further, Ukraine, which shares a massive approximatley 1,400 mile border with Russia, had been seeking to join.

“[Russia] cannot live with NATO on their borders. They cannot, any more than we would live with a Soviet alliance in Mexico and Canada,” Kennedy said.

Carlson and Kennedy also delved into the topic of U.S.-backed biolabs in Ukraine.

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“Why would we have biolabs in Ukraine?” Carlson asked.

“We have biolabs in Ukraine because we’re developing bioweapons, and those bioweapons are using all kinds of new synthetic biology and CRISPR technology and genetic engineering techniques that were not available to previous generations. And they can make frightening, frightening stuff,” Kennedy said.

The Democrat asserted the reason the U.S. was doing the research there and not on American soil is out of concern the work would violate the Geneva Convention, which prohibits the development and production of biological weapons.

Kennedy claimed the Pentagon “transferred the authority for biosecurity to one agency in the HHS, called the National Institute for Infectious and Allergic Diseases run by Anthony Fauci. So Anthony Fauci got all the responsibility for bioweapon development.

“He got at that time a 68 percent raise from the Pentagon in order to do that work. And that’s why he was the highest paid official in the American government,” he added.

After some incidents took place primarily in Texas and North Carolina, Fauci transferred the gain of function research to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is a military lab, Kennedy alleged.

And other work went to labs in Ukraine.

Carlson also raised the topic of RFK Jr.’s oft-stated belief that the CIA was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy in November 1963.

“What do you think the motive was in the killing?” Carlson asked.

“The specific people who were involved in it were almost all associated with a Miami station, which was the largest CIA station at that time. And it was basically, it was the Cuban station,” Kennedy responded.

“And the people who were involved in that station were people like Bill Harvey and David Atlee Phillips, who was clearly involved in my uncle’s assassination. He was, by all evidence, he was Lee Harvey Oswald’s handler at the CIA,” he added.

Kennedy argued the CIA was upset with JFK for not authorizing air strikes during the failed Bay of Pigs operation in April 1961, as well as shutting down agency ops running out of Florida to harass the regime of Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro.

During the Bay of Pigs, JFK reportedly vowed to “take the CIA, shatter it into a thousand pieces, and scatter it to the winds,” because the agency had gotten him into the fiasco, Kennedy said.

Further, following the peaceful resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, the CIA did not like the friendly relations that developed between Kennedy and then-Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev.

RFK Jr. noted that Allen Dulles, the CIA director his uncle fired in November 1962, was named to the Warren Commission to investigate the JFK assassination, and he more-or-less ran it.

The commission had concluded that Oswald was the lone gunman and acted on his own accord.

The CIA then put out a memo in 1967 to what Kennedy characterized as the “mockingbird people,” those in the media who cooperated with the agency, to call any who questioned the findings of the Warren Commission “conspiracy theorists.”

The two also discussed the CIA’s continued resistance to releasing all the so-called JFK documents related to the assassination.

Kennedy said there are about 4,000 documents that have not been released.

The Daily Caller reported that the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 required all of the documents to be declassified by October 2017, “unless doing so would threaten national security, intelligence or military defense, according to the executive order.”

The deadline fell during former President Donald Trump’s time in office, but he chose not to release all of the documents, pending further review for national security.

Reuters reported in October 2017 that 88 percent of the JFK documents have been released, though 11 percent of those have redactions; however, 1 percent of documents at that time remained withheld from the public.

RFK Jr. claimed, “It’s a fair assumption that they’re not protecting individuals, they’re protecting some institutional interest.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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