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Tulsi Gabbard Slams Chicago Mayor’s Blatant Racism — Will Other Dems Follow Suit?



It’s easy for Dems to take potshots at the other party’s moral failings (real and imagined) but do they have the moxie to stand up to their own party? At least one does. Former member of congress Tulsi Gabbard slammed Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago for her blatant racism.

This is, after all, the same party that just blasted the majority of Republicans who refused to rubber-stamp the supposed “January 6th Commission,” which is nothing more than a re-run of when they used unfounded criminal allegations that the Mueller report was supposedly investigating to shift public opinion against Republicans just in time for the midterm elections — giving Pelosi the gavel and unleashing no end of partisan mischief as a result.

When Republicans saw through their partisan game, opposing the commission (as written), the handful of squishy Republicans who were cowed into supporting it were praised to High Heaven by Pelosi & Co.

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But when the shoe is on the other foot, Pelosi has exactly ZERO moral fortitude in calling out people stepping out of line in her own party.

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When Biden and the Squad sided with the Terrorist Org Hamas, either in funding or moral support, Pelosi was MIA.

Now Mayor Lightweight — *checks notes* ‘Lightfoot,’ easy mistake — is beginning an explicitly racist policy of the type that is expressly forbidden by American Law.

She is now enforcing a racial condition on those who would want to interview her. If you’re not black or brown, you don’t get a 1-on-1 interview.

A race-based system of inclusion based on how black or brown your parents are sounds really bad. Can’t quite put my finger on it. One wonders how much non-white ancestry Lightfoot’s system would require to give a reporter access. Oh wait… that’s where we’ve heard this kind of bigotry before! She’s basically bringing back the one-drop rule!

I dunno. Seems like she’s setting a horrible precedent.

Tulsi Gabbard is one of the few Democrats with the integrity to call this out for what it really is. Racist and Anti-American.

Tulsi’s own party responded, predictably, with outrage in response to this statement. In a quick scan of the responses, angry replies asserting that anti-white racism is either ‘ok’ or ‘not a real thing’ heavily outweighed any comments of support.

As we wait for the denunciations of Lightfoot that will never come from Democrats, here is a reporter with more integrity than most any elected Democrat in DC, taking a stand for equality when the activists and deep-pocketed rain makers demand policies anchored in special racial treatment.

Tulsi may be miles apart from us in most issues, but so far as standing with the courage of her convictions and expecting ALL Americans to be treated justly, regardless of intersectional politics? She’s right on the money.

If the loudest voices in her party sounded more like her and less like the squad, the whole country would be in far better shape.

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Donald Trump Issues Stern Warning About America’s Future, Unless…

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TV Anchor Who Wrote Anti-Clinton Book Dies of ‘Apparent Suicide’

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Hillary Clinton

In many cultures around the world, we find the same tale over and over, of a boogeyman who snatches up wayward or misbehaving children and carts them off to their doom. This is largely a shared mythos; an amalgam of all of the dangers of the world around us, meant to reinforce the idea that youngsters aren’t yet ready to face the world alone. But the concept isn’t exclusive to parents raising their children, however.  There are political boogeymen as well, who seem to see their critics disappear at a rate much higher than the median.  These are folks like Vladimir Putin, or the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. And, of course, the Clinton family, whose decades of watching their enemies perish has been the stuff of legend in online conspiracy circles. Those forums were again buzzing this week. CHRISTOPHER Sign, an award-winning TV news anchor who wrote a 2016 exposé on Bill Clinton, has died. Local police chief Keith Czeskleba said on Saturday the death is being investigated as a suicide after the ABC 33/40 newsman was found at his home around 8am. Here’s where it gets interesting, at least for believers in the “Clinton Body Count” conspiracy theory. Sign, a former University of Alabama football player, penned a book about a secret tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch in June 2016. ‘Secret on the Tarmac’ was published in 2019. The idea that the Clintons are involved in a nefarious plot to wipe out their political opponents has been so widespread that it even has its own Wikipedia page.

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