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Twitter Employee Details Disturbing Way in Which Musk Fired Him

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Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter is now complete, and the eccentric billionaire is now knee-deep in a radical restructuring plan for the powerful social network.

The controversial deal has been fodder for many on the platform, who fear that Musk is unable to truly comprehend the more nuanced pieces of the Twitter puzzle.

And now, as stories of messy, massive layoffs continue to make headlines, those fears are deepening.

A now former Twitter employee complained on social media that he got fired “while sleeping” after Elon Musk ordered company-wide layoffs on Friday to get Twitter back in the black.

Jaseem Abid, a software engineer, tweeted that he woke up Friday morning and discovered he’d been laid off when he couldn’t access Slack and his work email, and found his laptop had been “remotely wiped.”

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“Woke up to no slack/gmail/office access and laptop remotely wiped out. Got fired without even a confirmation email while sleeping? There is always a new low,” he wrote.

And that’s not all:

One ex-Twitter employee who is eight months pregnant said she lost access to her work laptop Thursday night ahead of the layoff announcement.

“Last Thursday in the SF office, really the last day Twitter was Twitter. 8 months pregnant and have a 9 month old. Just got cut off from laptop access #LoveWhereYouWorked,” wrote Rachel Bonn, who worked on product marketing and digital brand at Twitter.

Musk has insisted that Twitter was losing as much as $4 million per day, making the drastic employment cuts necessary.

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