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Twitter Employs At Least One Chinese Spy, According to FBI

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When we sit back and really think about the potential power of Twitter, it can be hard to truly fathom.

The platform is a communication revolution in many ways, and, were it allowed to be the bastion of free speech that Elon Musk would like it to be, Twitter could transform the way that average people around the globe organize and strategize to break free from the shackles of tyranny.

But it appears as though Twitter doesn’t quite understand what it is that they possess, and now a whistleblower is suggesting that there are serious security concerns with the platform, including a potential Chinese spy on the payroll.

The FBI informed Twitter Inc of at least one Chinese agent working at the company, U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley said during a Senate hearing on Tuesday where a whistleblower testified, raising new concerns about foreign meddling at the influential social media platform.

Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, a famed hacker who served as Twitter’s head of security until his firing in January, said some Twitter employees were concerned that the Chinese government would be able to collect data on the company’s users.

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This is nothing new for the infamously lackadaisical site.

Twitter has come under fire previously for lax security, most notably in 2020 when teenage hackers seized control of dozens of high-profile accounts, including the verified profile of former U.S. President Barack Obama.

Zatko’s allegations were damning, to say the least.

Zatko said on Tuesday he recalled a conversation with another Twitter executive about concerns that a foreign agent was inside the company. The executive responded “Well, since we already have one, what does it matter if we have more?”

While Twitter may not understand what sort of power they’ve inherited, it certainly seems as though Beijing does.


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