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Twitter Glitches Begin Pointing to Cracks in Platform's Maintenance Under Musk

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If there is one thing that we can say about Elon Musk’s takeover of social media leviathan Twitter, it is that is has been dramatic.

The eccentric billionaire has imbued his exuberance on the business venture, with now nearly half of the platform’s staff headed for the hills.

Online, some users were beginning to notice technical issues possibly caused by the Musk-induced mass exodus.

The gutting of half of Twitter’s staff and most of its contractors and top executives, along with a slew of rushed product updates over the past two weeks, have left Twitter vulnerable and put users on alert for problems.

The breakdowns so far aren’t in the core functions of Twitter — posting and reading messages — but around the edges.

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  • Copyright: Twitter’s automated copyright takedown system was no longer functional as of Sunday evening, Forbes reported, allowing users to upload chunks of copyrighted movies that remained online for hours before getting taken down.

  • Hacked accounts: Users who have reported hacked accounts say the company has been slow to respond with solutions to recoup their profiles. One journalist who Axios spoke to said Twitter didn’t respond to their report for days, and when it did, couldn’t offer a viable solution to recover it.

  • Security: Last week, some users reported problems trying to generate two-factor authentication codes via SMS text messages that would help them log into their accounts.

  • Downloading data: Others reported issues trying to download archives of their data, per Wired.

There were also reports of advertisers who were unable to verify the status of their own campaigns due to the fracas caused by so many immediately-missing staffers.

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