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Twitter Liberals Post Deranged Edited Photo of Ivanka Trump and Her Family

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It is hard to imagine a greater waste of time than editing an old photo of Donald Trump’s children and grandchildren in an effort to make them look bad.

On Tuesday, Twitter (now X) user “Lynda hates GOP thugs” posted a photo of Ivanka Trump and her family and pointed out the strange, avant-garde decorations on the walls. Another leftist user quickly shared the image.

However, after one user expressed doubts about the authenticity of the photo, “Lynda” admitted she had photoshopped it. “It seems like something they would do,” she said.

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Here’s the original image posted by Ivanka in September 2019:

So why bone saws? As someone who practices artisan meat-craft (the posh way of saying I do my own butchering), I find it personally offensive that “Lynda” would take the tool of my craft and use it in a bizarre effort to smear the Trump family.

Where is my safe space?

Do you think Donald Trump will be re-elected?

I will say, though, that if the goal was to make the Trumps look bad, it didn’t work. Those bone saws look kinda cool there. Does anyone else think so?

Maybe this is a disgruntled interior decorator fired by Ivanka. Or maybe it’s just a typical liberal loon.

After all, if your Twitter name is “Lynda hates GOP thugs” and you’re still going after Jared and Ivanka even after they’ve stepped back from politics, you might need to look into Jesus, because you got problems.

In the interest of the American people, I will also say that this photoshop, though weird and pathetic, is quite concerning purely because it looks so believable.

Recent examples of AI-generated photos and videos raise real concerns about the possibility of convincing “deep fakes.” With newer and more sophisticated AI models always on the horizon, there is a growing threat to the integrity of our news and media in general.

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AI will be — and already has been — used against politicians. Very soon, we might not be able to prove that a video, audio clip or picture is real or not. You think election interference is bad now?

Americans are free to look at this photoshop and laugh at its obvious silliness. However, with the rapid rise of AI and the tension between left and right, we have to be really worried about how such technology will be weaponized.

Our leaders are some of the oldest in American history. What does that mean?

It means that they are woefully ill-equipped to assess the threat of cutting-edge tech.

These people probably need help logging into Twitter and checking their email. How are they going to properly deal with artificial intelligence?

It’s all fun and games when Ivanka Trump is photoshopped with a bone saw. Next time, it might be a video of her using it on someone, and we won’t be able to tell that it’s fake.

Will we be laughing then?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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