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Two Incoming House Dems Stay Mum On Whether Or Not They'll Back Pelosi's Bid For Speakership

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Two new incoming Democratic members of the House wouldn’t state whether or not they were going to back House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her bid to continue being the highest-ranking member of the House this past weekend.

The two Democrats gave strange answers, stating they first needed to consult their communities about whether or not to give support to Pelosi and her political goals.

via Daily Wire:

“What I’m going to do is make sure that the voices of the people of St. Louis are heard, and that we have what we need, and so you’ll find out then,” Bush, who has been called the latest addition to the “Squad,” told CNN host Dana Bash after offering a mild chuckle. “I’m working with my community,” she added.

Incoming progressive Congressman Jamal Bowman (D-NY), who was also featured in the interview, answered the Pelosi question in the same way. “You will find out when my vote is tallied. And again, organizing with our community to figure out what’s best.”

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The CNN host tried to push the duo on what exactly they were waiting to hear from their communities about before committing to a speakership vote, but ran out of time for Bush to answer after the duo talked over each other twice. Bowman simply blurted out that the country needs reparations for slavery, a jobs guarantee, and Medicare for All.

Keep in mind that the main reason so many Democrats are not exactly eager to keep Pelosi in the current position of House Speaker is because, to them, she’s not radically left enough. Let that sink in for a bit.

We have witnessed a new generation of liberals rising to power within the federal government, almost all of them are adherents to far-left socialist belief and doctrine. This does not bode well for the future of our country.

We must be vigilant in prayer, each and every day, asking God to bless us with leaders who value liberty and will have the boldness to stand up for our rights so that we can share the Good News of the gospel without fear of being tossed in prison. Or worse.

Make no mistake. Die-hard socialists want to limit our freedoms, especially free speech and the free exercise of religion. This is why we must take the House in 2022. To stave off the onslaught.

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