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TX Dems Involved in 'Fleeing' Stunt Come Down with COVID-19

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This is one of those times in which American political theater stands squarely at the intersection of coincidence and comeuppance, as if the universe has made a ruling on what is truly appropriate behavior for our elected officials.

The situation in question comes as a number of Democratic legislators from Texas have fled the Lone Star State in order to prevent the passage of a bill that they didn’t care for, but was drafted by other elected officials appointed by we the people.

Worse still, they appeared to be gloating about the stunt, taking selfies on their chartered flight to Washington DC, massless, and guzzling Miller Lite in the process.

Now here’s where the comeuppance comes into play…

Several of the Texas Democrats who fled the state capital to avoid voting on an election integrity bill have tested positive for the coronavirus.

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Three of the 60 Texas House Democrats tested positive for the virus while staying in Washington, D.C., according to Texas House Democratic Caucus leadership.

One of the members found out about their positive test late on Friday evening but did not have symptoms, officials say. All House members were notified of the positive tests and were all tested themselves immediately.

The flight to Washington has been lambasted by the people of Texas, with many noting that their votes supplied the state Republican Party with the numbers needed to pass the bills that their constituents are clamoring for.

This pedantic stunt by the Democrats simply usurps the power of the voter, and is an aberration of our national belief in a government that is of, for, and by the people.

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