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Tyler Perry, Kid Rock Celebrate the Christmas Season With Incredible Generosity

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Generosity and random acts of kindness abound as Christmas Day draws nigh, and everyone from the anonymous stranger to the multimillionaire celebrity is reaching out to their neighbor to help make the season a little merrier and brighter.

Rock musician Kid Rock and filmmaker Tyler Perry are just the latest to share their incredibly kind gestures in a handful of recent Twitter posts.

In a video posted to Twitter, Tyler Perry announced that he’d paid off the balances of hundreds of layaway accounts at two Atlanta area Walmart locations. While he’d hoped to do his good deed anonymously, but “due to some circumstances,” he tweeted, “nothing seems to stay secret these days.”

“I’m just really, really grateful to be in a position to do this,” Perry said of his $434,000 payment. “So, God bless you! Go get your stuff! Merry Christmas!”

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Perry seemed to have realized that an announcement was necessary to be sure people were aware that they didn’t need to budget for a layaway payment anymore, and thank goodness for that so the customers could enjoy his kindness!

His public announcement, made to Twitter, also had an unintended consequence.

It sparked another celeb, Robert James Ritchie, who you likely know better as Kid Rock, to follow suit.

According to NBC affiliate WBIR, Kid Rock paid off 350 layaway accounts at the 3458 Dickerson Pike Walmarts, totaling about $81,000.

“Kudos to Kid Rock for making such a gesture in our community,” store manager Tom Meyer shared with WBIR. “I think that’s a pretty Nashville proud moment.”

“The layaway customers, who have been coming into the store as a result of Kid Rock’s gesture, are wearing shocked and smiling faces,” WBIR reported. Each customer was handed a card, which read “Merry Christmas from your neighbor!” and explained that Kid Rock had paid off their accounts.

So cool to see celebrities using their wealth and influence to inspire such kindness this Christmas season.

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