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UFC Star Sean Strickland Gives 'Influencer' 3 Minutes to Hit Him Without Fighting Back, Then All Hell Breaks Lose

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Talk met action in a Friday sparring match between former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland and influencer Sneako.

The match came about as the result of a dare from the 26-8 Strickland, and offered few surprises.

Strickland took the approach of giving Sneako the first shot, and a whole lot more after that, as he spent about the first three minutes swatting away whatever Sneako threw at him.

WARNING: The following posts contain language that some may find offensive.

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Once Strickland decided it was his turn, he stalked Sneako with virtually no opposition until finally Strickland was restrained to stop Sneako’s pummeling.

After the match was over, a video posted to X showed the two men posing for photos and acting in a more companionable and far less combative manner.

Was this a bad idea?

“I would still like to do a podcast if you want to,” Sneako said.

Later on, he commented, “I think the laughing cancels out the punches that I got.”

In another video posted to X, Strickland gave Sneako some praise.

“The fact that you did not fall down, bro, that’s impressive,” Strickland said.

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“You were trying to make me fall?” Sneako asked in response.

”I was trying to,” Strickland said after a fist bump with Sneako.

“All you had to do was fall and I would have stopped,” he said.

Former UFC fighter Jake Shields, who served as Sneako’s trainer, said Sneako knew the experience of sparring with Strickland would not be a picnic.

“I told him that was a bad idea but he had already committed and all a man has is his word ,” he posted on X.

“Strickland beat Sneako senseless but he never quit and never complained I told him to take 30 min to recover but he wanted to start our workout right away while still covered in blood I dont know him well but he showed he has massive heart,” he wrote.

“I see a lot of people hating on  @SStricklandMMA for beating up @sneako but he’s a man and knew what he was getting into. I was very clear to Sneako that If he [sparred] Sean he was gonna get f***ed up and he choose to do it regardless,” he wrote.

“While personally I never try and KO a new fighter (unless he does something to piss me off) everyone knows Strickland f***s up his sparring partners,” Shields wrote in a post on X.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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