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UFC Star Worries 2024 Election Won't Happen: 'Which String Are They Going to Pull Next?'

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For many Americans — whether we speak openly of it or not — 2024 feels ominous.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson posted Wednesday to X, mixed martial artist Colby Covington — currently ranked fifth in the UFC welterweight division — spoke openly about the establishment either rigging the 2024 presidential election or resorting to authoritarian measures to prevent it from happening.

“Which string are they going to pull next? Are they going to try and do some martial law-type stuff in America?” Covington asked.

The fighter’s comments came in response to Carlson’s question about how former President Donald Trump might fare in the 2024 election.

“I think he’s gonna win by a landslide if it’s a fair election,” Covington said.

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“But we know that they’re gonna do everything they can to rig this election in any way. You know, they did the fake COVID and all the mail-in voting last time,” he added.

Covington also described Trump as “the strongest fighter I’ve ever met and the most loyal person.”

Readers may view the entire interview below:

Covington clearly believes that “they,” i.e. the anti-Trump establishment, are capable of anything, including the imposition of martial law.

And the UFC fighter is in good company.

In an August appearance on Adam Carolla’s podcast, Carlson himself warned that the establishment could resort to an assassination attempt against Trump.

Of course, no one can predict such dark outcomes as martial law or political murder. On the other hand, those possibilities enter our minds for reasons that would have seemed impossible eight years ago.

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For instance, in a recent appearance on the “Redacted” podcast, Carlson made headlines when he admitted that it terrifies him to cover two topics, one of which he identified as the UFO story.

Lost in those eye-popping comments, however, was the fact that Carlson also expressed apprehension about covering the 2020 presidential election.

“I think that I was far too dismissive of some of the claims made about it. And I think there may be some merit to some of the wildest possible claims about that election,” he said.

Both Carlson and Covington voiced something that many Americans have sensed: In short, powerful people will stop at nothing to prevent Trump from winning the 2024 election.

The evidence for that suspicion has grown too voluminous to summarize, let alone catalog. Suffice it to say that no attentive observer was surprised last week when the Colorado Supreme Court ruled Trump ineligible for the state’s 2024 presidential primary election.

Attempts to undermine Trump by any means necessary date at least to the Russian collusion hoax of 2016. And those efforts have continued more or less unabated to this day.

A more complicated question is why. How do we explain the establishment’s feverish machinations against the former president?

Hatred offers one possible explanation. Powerful people hate Trump. They have stoked that hatred and acted upon it. But he has grown more popular each time, which in turn makes them hate him even more.

Another possible explanation is fear. Powerful people fear Trump. One hardly knows why exactly, but they behave as if Trump’s return to the White House would mean their doom.

Either way, no one can doubt that Covington and Carlson have good reason for suspecting Trump’s enemies are capable of anything.

In light of all they have tried to this point, what string could they pull next?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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