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UFO Whistleblower Suffers THREE DECADES of Gov't Harassment

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The perplexing and often silly world of unidentified flying objects and government disclosure has been thrust into the mainstream once again this week.

We live in a world today rife with technological shortcuts and loopholes that have allowed industrious truth seekers an opportunity to glean information previously deemed inaccessible to the public.  Thanks to these clandestine crusaders, we have learned a great deal about several subjects that our government would rather us ignore.

This includes, of course, the massive troves of research on the subject of UFO’s and extraterrestrial visitors.

Now, one whistleblower is claiming that, despite his legal exoneration, the US government is continuing to harass him over three decades later.

Bob Lazar claims to have seen test flights of nine captured UFOs, and says he even worked as an engineer on the alien spacecrafts, in a TV interview in 1989.

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Lazar’s research was being done at Area 51 – a secretive US military installation near Groom Lake, Nevada.

The U.S. Government always denied the existence of Area 51 until five years ago when CIA documents listed it as an aviation test site.

Lazar described the cover up as “a crime against the scientific community”.

He later claimed the Government had threatened his life, his wife and family in an effort to silence him.

It gets worse…

Lazar claims the FBI once raided his lab, saying: “At the risk of sounding paranoid, I do always have a suspicion that someone is monitoring me – it’s something that is difficult to get out of my mind.”

Even those around Lazar have noticed the ongoing harassment.

The journalist who introduced Lazar to the public, George Knapp backs-up his story adding: “His vehicle also had break-ins. Mind games being played. Threats were issued

“Lazar and others were bugged and followed, and it certainly seemed like someone wanted to frighten him into remaining silent, or maybe they wanted to drive him a little crazy.

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“I was present for many of these events. I saw them with my own eyes, and I witnessed the aftermath as well.”

Whatever we may think about the UFO phenomenon, Bob Lazar has now been scared off of the subject.

Lazar insists that his research ends where the spaceman stories begin, with the former government scientist stating that he would rather not discuss anything other than his research into high-level technology.

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