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UK Intel is Insulting to Russia's 'WWII' Tactics in Ukraine

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The world has been well aware of Russia’s military struggles in Ukraine, that’s for certain.  The entire global military order has been upheaved,  as it were, with the myth of Moscow’s military might thoroughly debunked at this point.

Some of this appears to be attributed to Vladimir Putin’s recent cancer diagnosis and all of the inept fatalism that comes along with it, but there are certainly some systemic national defense issues to work out.

Namely, the fact that Russia is still using tactics from World War II on the battlefield.

Russia on Friday continued to bombard Ukraine from the skies as its forces remain stalled on the ground in what U.K. defense officials have said is down to antiquated World War II tactics.

According to satellite imagery Russian forces are constructing “extensive defensive positions” along the front lines, particularly in the northern Luhansk region near the city of Svatove which Russian forces are reportedly “prioritizing.”

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“Russian constructions follow traditional military plans for entrenchment,” the U.K. defense ministry assessed in its daily update, noting that Russian tactics are “largely unchanged since the Second World War.”

The antiquated actions will have consequences.

Defense officials pointed out that these dated practices will likely mean Russia’s ground defenses – which have gained little traction in months and lost two significant cities to Ukrainian forces – are “vulnerable to modern, precision indirect strikes.”

“The construction of major defensive lines is further illustration of Russia’s reversion to positional warfare that has been largely abandoned by most modern Western militaries in recent decades,” the assessment added.

Russia’s humiliating attempt to invade Ukraine continues now into its tenth month, after the Kremlin originally predicted victory within 72 hours.

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