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UK Police Department Has Insane Request for Citizens. The Term "Orwellian" Doesn't Even Come Close...

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We all know the UK has, for some reason, dived headfirst into a radical acceptance of political correctness and progressivism.

A nation that once prided itself on establishing free speech and personal liberty (although the US certainly took those concepts to a whole new level, no doubt) seems to be slipping back once again into an authoritarian monarchy, with a decidedly modern twist.

Still, it is stunning what the South Yorkshire Police just requested of their citizens.

They’re asking locals to report “non-crime hate incidents.”

In other words…they’re asking people to turn anyone in who is mean to them.

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I’m sorry, does anyone else think this is absolutely frightening? 

Here’s the tweet that has sent waves around the free world:

If you find this absolutely stunning and outrageous, you’re not alone. Comments under the tweet seem to be almost entirely critical.

Here are some tweets that give you a good idea of how locals feel about this insane request:

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This is absolutely unreal. It is the literal establishment of the Thought Police of Orwell’s fiction.

Orwell, of course, wrote 1984 as a critique of post-war British intelligence, but it’s very likely he had no idea just how similar his country’s government would eventually become to his fictitious totalitarian regime.

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