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Ukraine Accused of Attacking Air Base DEEP within Russia

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A new phase of the Russia-Ukraine war has begun in earnest this week, after months of revelations about the true weakness of the Kremlin’s military force.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been an abject failure, to say the least, with the conflict dragging into its tenth month just as Ukraine suggests that they’ll seek to repatriate Crimea – a territory illegally annexed by Russia all the way back in 2014.

Now, in an escalation that few saw coming, Ukraine stands accused of striking Russia military targets hundreds of miles from the border, drawing the ire of Moscow.

A Ukrainian drone attack on an airbase for bombers in southern Russia has left three people dead, Moscow says.

Air defences shot down the drone near the Engels base, but falling debris fatally wounded three technical staff, the defence ministry said.

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Earlier this month, Russia accused Ukraine of a similar attack on the airfield, home to bombers that have carried out missile attacks on Ukraine.

The base lies about 650km (400 miles) north-east of Ukraine’s border.

Ukraine was a bit tongue-in-cheek about the incident.

The Ukrainian military did not officially admit to the latest attack, but air force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat said the explosions were the result of what Russia was doing on Ukrainian soil.

Russia’s military failures have been so incredibly surprising that the global order appears to have been massively shifted, and this may very well be only the first of such attacks on her soil.

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