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Ukraine Makes Quick Work of Massive Russian Advance

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Russia is losing its invasion of Ukraine.

There; somebody needed to say it. Too many mainstream media companies were skirting around the idea, afraid of “triggering” Vladimir Putin into doing something even more than desperate and drastic than he’s already done.

And there isn’t a likely turnaround coming, either.  Putin has already been forced to repopulate the Russian army’ ranks with 300,000 untrained civilians, those of whom don’t immediately surrender are being used for target practice by the vastly more efficient Ukrainian army.

This week, the disparity between the two forces was on full display.

Moscow has continued with its campaign of aiming for civilian targets in Ukraine but most of its cruise missiles have been shot down, with attacks on seven areas having been repelled, according to Kyiv’s forces.

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Ukraine wasn’t messing around.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said on Wednesday that over the previous day Russia had launched 28 cruise missiles, 20 of which were taken out by air defense units.

As Ukrainian officials step up their calls for the West to supply more air defense capabilities, the update said that Russia had carried out 13 airstrikes and launched more than 40 attacks from rocket salvo systems.

Some hours later, an extraordinary story emerged in which it was claimed that Ukraine’s forces were able to shoot down 4 Russian helicopters within the span of 20 minutes.

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