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Ukraine Releases Intercepted Call Between Russians Mocking Military

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Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin certainly fits into the category of international “strong man”, quelling dissidence by brute force and keeping his people obediently under his thumb at all times.

This has become increasingly difficult of late, however, as Russia’s war in Ukraine continues to fail miserably, and on the global stage.

Now the Ukraine is adding insult to injury by releasing intercepted phone calls that show Russians completely berating the war and their leader.

UKRAINE’S Ministry of Defence has released new video of an intercepted call between an occupier in Ukraine and his friend in Russia insulting Putin’s failing army.

The video shared on Twitter was accompanied with the caption: ” It’s best for them to go home now… while they still can”a strong message to Vladimir Putin’s forces.

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During the minute long call the Russian can be heard saying: “Their drones are up their, imagine drones or quad-copters up there.

“And our guys can’t do anything about these drones.

“Can’t jam them, can’t do f****** anything.”

And then…

The Russian added: “Our airforce is f***** up.

“A helicopter approaches, fires once from somewhere five f****** kilometers away and then f**** off.”

Much of the trouble that Russia has faced in Ukraine is related to the extremely low morale among Russian troops, who’ve been surrendering, deserting, or dying at incredible rates.

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