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Ukrainian Counterattack Leaves Russian Helicopter Fleet in Smoldering Ruins

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A Ukrainian strike on a captured airfield in southern Ukraine destroyed numerous Russian helicopters and military vehicles.

Tuesday satellite imagery showed thorough devastation at the Kherson Airbase.

Russian forces bragged about taking control of the airbase two weeks ago during an offensive along the Dnieper River, according to The Drive.

Two companies that operate photography satellites published images of the devastation at the airbase, and investigative journalism organization Bellingcat shared images obtained by both companies — Planet and Maxar.

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Further imagery shows the devastation inflicted by the attack, which targeted Russian helicopters closely parked together.

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Ukraine’s Pravda News shared what appeared to be on-the-ground footage of the airbase after the barrage, revealing the thorough devastation that the Ukrainian military inflicted on the Russian occupiers.

Vehicles in the footage are decorated with the “Z” insignia utilized by the Russian invasion force.

It’s not clear what weapons were used to hit the Russian-occupied airbase, with possibilities including aircraft, drones, artillery or even infantry.

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The nature of the operation led some to speculate Ukraine used rocket artillery in the attack.

Drone footage showed the black plume of smoke visible miles away from Kherson Airbase.

Ukrainian forces have shown the capability to destroy Russian aircraft and tanks weeks into Russia’s invasion, raising serious questions about Vladimir Putin’s strategy in the country.

Estimations of casualties vary widely, but the Ukrainian military claims to have killed or injured around 13,500 Russian personnel between Feb. 24 and Tuesday.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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