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Ukrainians Recognize Hitler's Playbook in Putin's Empire Building

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When it comes to petty political squabbles, comparisons to Adolf Hitler have long been verboten.

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League and other organizations who look to preserve the reputation of The Holocaust as the supreme evil act of all of modern history fear that this recent “everyone I disagree with is like Hitler” schtick will desensitize us to the true horrors of that cataclysmic human tragedy.

But when it comes to the events that could lead mankind into World War III, there is some leeway, and Vladimir Putin’s recent comments regarding the rebuilding of the Russian empire have some Ukrainians reminiscing on the actions and allusions of der fürher.

“The community is appalled, as am I,” said Halyna Hryn, president of the US branch of the Shevchenko Society, a nonprofit that promotes scholarly research and public service in New York, which is home to more than 66,000 Ukrainian-Americans.

“It’s reminiscent of Hitler taking over the Sudetenland, and it won’t stop there,” Hryn told The Post. “Everyone wants diplomacy to work but I just don’t see how. Putin is irrational, full of contempt and rage. He is not operating like a diplomat or a world leader.”

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Like Hitler, Putin has drawn distinctions regarding so-called “ethnic Russians” living outside of Russia, while also suggesting that that dissolution of the former Soviet Union was a mistake in need of rectifying.

It’s not just Ukrainians who see the similarities either, as Twitter has seen “World War III” and “WWIII” trending on several occasions over the last few days.

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