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Unbelievable Video: Hundreds of Birds Mysteriously Fall Dead in Mexico; Authorities React to the Onslaught

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Earlier this month, a strange event took place in Chihuahua, Mexico, as birds literally fell out of the sky.

Locals in Álvaro Obregón woke up on Feb. 7 to find hundreds of dead birds littering streets and sidewalks, according to El Heraldo de Chihuahua.

The birds are all the same type: yellow-headed blackbirds, which migrate from Canada to Mexico every year.

Police showed up when they started to get reports of the masses of dead birds shortly after 8 a.m., and some people said the onslaught started at 5 that morning.

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While the discovery of the dead birds is unsettling, a video circulating online has puzzled people all over the world.

The video, which came from a security camera, shows a flock of birds suddenly falling out of the sky and hitting the pavement. Over half of them seem to bounce back up and fly away, but many remain on the ground and were found dead later.

The odd occurrence has people speculating as to the cause of such a loss.

Some have attributed it to the perils of 5G, others to a sign that disaster is about to strike. Some think the birds sensed some sort of massive pre-shock from a catastrophic, impending earthquake.

One veterinarian in the area said the birds might have perished after experiencing high levels of air pollution the area has been suffering under, worsened by “wood-burning heaters, agrochemicals, and even low temperatures,” according to El Heraldo de Chihuahua.

Another possibility the vet proposed is that the birds were perched on a power line that experienced an overload and sent them crashing earthward.

Some bird aficionados have proposed other potential causes.

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“Today, I was horrified to see hundreds of these beautiful bicolor blackbirds falling out of the sky to the pavement in Chihuahua, Mexico,” Jennifer Kubicki, a nature enthusiast, posted on Facebook.

“I’m sure we will hear more about the possible causes of an entire cloud of birds swooping down and falling out of the sky as frantic survivors flew back up in (a) confused swirling cloud. The security video capture did not look like it was fake.

“It is possible this flock went down due to avoiding a predator or it is possible they were pressed under by invisible atmospheric pressure of ‘wind sheer’ this event is a reminder of how fragile life is. People, animals, and our natural resources are all vitally important and continue to call for protection and best practices/efforts to safeguard them whenever possible.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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