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'Unchartable Levels of Cringe': Fetterman Roasted for Odd Post Talking About the Gays in His Office

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Democratic Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania is being roasted online after his Twitter account posted a “cringe” meme in response to a report that his staff is not the “gayest” in the upper chamber.

That trophy apparently goes to Democratic Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, according to a recent Senate Democrats diversity survey.

Last week, Insider’s Bryan Metzger shared the results showing 30 percent of Casey’s staff identifies with the LGBT community.

Fetterman came in third place with a staff that is 28 percent LGBT, according to the survey.

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It is not clear why the sexual preferences of Senate staffers were polled or deemed worthy of being shared, but Fetterman’s account retweeted Metzger’s post and accompanied it with a meme.

An image of actress Jennifer Coolidge was altered to say, “These gays, they’re trying to run my Senate office.”

Does this post disturb you?

The meme originates from the second season of the HBO series “The White Lotus.”

In the show, Coolidge portrays Tanya McQuoid, a wealthy American heiress who discovers she is being swindled by a group of gay European men in a plot to kill her and take her fortune.

In one scene, after discovering she is in danger, McQuoid calls for help.

“These gays, they’re trying to murder me,” she says.

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A scene from the show is not something you’d expect to be used by the office of a sitting U.S. senator. But these are not normal times, and our leaders, many of them, are not normal people.

Whoever posted the tweet from Fetterman’s official account was obliterated for sharing it:

A person’s sexuality shouldn’t play a role in whether he or she is hired for a job — especially in government. But meritocracy is dead and gone.

The country’s government under Democratic leadership is failing across the board and in every metric — unless you count endless illegal immigration, inflation and urban crime as winning metrics.

We know Democrats have an obsession with identity politics and diversity.

Perhaps the country is also crumbling under the feet of the rest of us because senators and their staffers are too invested in what is happening on HBO.

While Democrats in the Senate are trying to out-gay one another, Americans are struggling with actual problems.

It is abundantly clear that no one on the Democratic side is serious about trying to solve them.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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