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Undocumented Woman Spits On Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Food In Florida Grocery Store

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People can be very silly, at times. Why would anyone go to a grocery store, take the top off an ice cream container, lick the ice cream, then put it back in the refrigerator?

And of course is was being filmed. Everyone thinks they’re a star these days. It’s all about those views on social media, right?

Check out what this illegal alien was caught doing at a store in the Sunshine State, via Breitbart:

An illegal alien has been charged in Volusia County, Florida, after allegedly spitting on hundreds of dollars worth of fresh fruit in a grocery store in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

Lisette Santis, a 40-year-old illegal alien from Guatemala, was charged with reckless tampering of a product risking injury or death after allegedly spitting on fruit in a local Walmart.

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More from News-JournalOnline:

Santis spit pieces of the fruit into her hands. As she did this, pieces of the fruit fell into the bin of limes worth $143.56, a report states.

Santis then moved on to a bin of oranges and “projectile spat” the pieces of guava into the bin, police said. The oranges were valued at $201.26, a report said.

AOC continues to show the nation she has no business holding elected office, each time she opens her mouth.


People need grocery stores and restaurants to remain open during this coronavirus pandemic in order to, you know, eat.

For most people, even liberals, that is airtight logic.

One reporter, though, sees things a little differently. He wants to know why some businesses are closed down and others are not.

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Owen Jensen of EWTN asked, “There are grocery stores that are open, fast food places. Why even take a little chance? Just shut it all down.


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