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Unexploded Russian Grenade Surgically Removed from Ukrainian Soldier

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War is Hell.  It always been.  It’s harsh and brutal and despondently depressing.  It’s a useless and senseless situation, almost certainly, and there is hardly ever any rhyme and reason to it.

War pushes us to unprecedented and strange places as human beings, where both the murderous and the miraculous make the news day in and day out.

This week, one Ukrainian soldier fell on the miraculous side of War’s sword.

A Ukrainian soldier has survived extensive surgery after surgeons were able to successfully remove an unexploded grenade lodged in his body.

Hanna Maliar, Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Defence, shared the story to her Facebook page on Monday, showing the surgeon and the x-ray.

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“This is a shock, nice one. Not every wound in the heart area is deadly,” she said in her post, according to a Google translation.

“Military doctors conducted an operation to remove a VOG grenade, which did not break, from the body of the soldiers.

“[The grenade] was removed in the presence of two sappers who were ensuring the safety of medical staff.

“The operation was carried out by one of the most experienced surgeons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Andrew Willow.

There were unique complications to the procedure.

“[It was done] without electrocoagulation, as the grenade could detonate at any time.

“The surgical intervention was successful and the injured service man was sent to further rehabilitation and recovery.”

There was no indication of just how the grenade found itself lodged within the soldier, but a happy ending here makes that point nearly moot.

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