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University Allows Concealed Carry, Professor Immediately Cancels Officer Hours. The Reason Why is Ridiculous.

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A professor for the University of Kansas has stopped keeping office hours, a time traditionally set aside for students with questions about the material covered in a class to receive some counsel directly from the teacher, after the school decided to allow concealed carry on campus.

The reason why? He’s scared. Poor little snowflake.

Two full pages of the document include arguments against the Second Amendment and chides students who support the university’s concealed carry policy or take advantage of it.

To be clear, this class is on the history of the Japanese Samurai and has nothing to do with U.S. history or the Second Amendment.

What’s more, Professor Eric Rath of the History and East Asian Studies departments also informs students in the syllabus: “With guns allowed on campus, I no longer feel safe having visitors in my office; so instead of in person office hours, I am available for consultation via email or Skype on the hours indicated above and by appointment. Should you wish to meet in person, the appointment will be at a secure or public location of my choosing, but not my office. Please read the statement about concealed weapons at the end of the syllabus.”

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The two-page statement includes data that aims to paint the use of guns in a negative light, details provisos of the policy at KU that allows students and faculty to carry concealed weapons on campus, and states “I request that you not bring firearms to class or wherever I am present.”

“Although you may be entitled by law to carry a gun, I urge you not to do so. … I do not want to worry about whether you might react by pulling a gun on me, or whether you might have an improperly secured weapon in your belt or bag,” the syllabus states. “… I have seen students become uncontrollably angry because of something that has happened in the course—a disappointing grade, an allegation of academic misconduct, an uncomfortable topic, a controversial statement. If you do not carry a weapon, you cannot be tempted to use it in a moment of frustration.”

So Professor Rath here is perfectly fine with the bad guys having guns, creeping up on campus, and blowing folks away, but heaven forbid students have the means on their persons to put an end to such a scenario should it occur.

People in higher education are woefully ignorant about the Constitution, the right to bear arms, and the actual statistics about guns, yet that doesn’t stop them from making uneducated leaps in logic and spewing forth insanity.

This sort of thing is why folks have to be very cautious where they send their children for college. You never know when you’re going to end up with a nut like this filling your kid with anti-Second Amendment propaganda.

Source: College Fix

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