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Unprepared Russian Soldiers Resort to Eating Zoo Animals in Ukraine

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There have been a plethora of stories emerging from Ukraine, detailing the almost-laughable condition of the Russian army, but this week’s latest news from the frontline is both barbaric and tragic.

Moscow’s military was once thought of as an almighty force on the world’s stage, with their armies feared far and wide.  Their abject failures in Ukraine have obliterated that myth, however, as 70-year old tanks and rusting rifles have been found entirely abandoned by soldiers who have no will to fight at all.

Those who remain loyal to the Kremlin have been under-equipped from the start, and they are now resorting to desperate acts in order to simply eat.

BESIEGED Russian troops have resorted to eating abandoned zoo animals in war-torn Ukraine, according to locals.

Volunteer rescue workers arrived in the liberated village of Yampil on October 10 to discover a zoo littered with the bodies of dead animals.

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Ten days after the town was freed from Russian occupation, the rescuers found bones and pieces of flesh.

The menu was macabre, to say the least.

It’s believed that a bison, a kangaroo, several donkeys, and ostriches were devoured by Putin’s starving troops.

Two camels, a kangaroo, and a number of piglets, birds and wolves also died in the zoo.

Locals have relayed that several of the animals were simply allowed to starve to death as well, including a number of tame wolves whose bodies were found still clasping their food bowls.

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