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Unruly Air Passengers Set to Receive Unprecedented Fines

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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we could look around and see the ways in which the crisis wore on us all.  Humanity all became a little less humane after a few months of masks and social distancing and wiping down our groceries.

Tempers flared across the board.  Facebook arguments went nuclear in a hurry, folks were losing their cool in the grocery store.   Airline passengers began acting out in unprecedented ways, and often on camera.

Now, two people involved in these airline incidents are set to face the music, and it could cost them a pretty penny.

The FAA has proposed a civil penalty of $81,950 against a passenger who struck a flight attendant on the head, tried to open a cabin door and headbutted, spit at and tried to kick crew members and passengers even after she was placed in flexible handcuffs. The incident happened on an American Airlines flight last July and the passenger was later arrested.

The FAA is also seeking a $77,272 fine against a woman who tried to open a cabin door during a flight and bit another passenger repeatedly before she was restrained by the crew on a Delta Air Lines flight from Las Vegas to Atlanta last July.

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These two fine were part of a much larger picture.

The FAA said the fines are part of roughly $2 million in proposed penalties it has announced since January 1.

The incidents have become so frequent and violent that Delta Airlines has asked the FAA to create a “no-fly list” for the unruly passengers.  Thus far, the FAA has resisted the idea.


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