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US Considering More Long-Range Weapons for Ukraine

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For months on end, Russia has consistently threatened the world with a nuclear holocaust should anyone attempt to interfere with their illegal and immoral invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

This has largely kept the western world at bay, at least in terms of direct action on the battlefield itself, but it has ushered in a strange new bit of wartime gamesmanship.

You see, with every new shipment of weapons to Ukraine, the Kremlin grows more annoyed, moving their line in the sand in order to appear the victim of some terrible, global scheme against them – even though they’re the one’s committing literal genocide in Eastern Europe.

Now, in a move that could further infuriate Vlad Putin and his pals, the US is considering sending some rather long-range projectiles to Ukraine.

The Pentagon is considering a Boeing proposal to supply Ukraine with cheap, small precision bombs fitted onto abundantly available rockets, allowing Kyiv to strike far behind Russian lines as the West struggles to meet demand for more arms.

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U.S. and allied military inventories are shrinking, and Ukraine faces an increasing need for more sophisticated weapons as the war drags on. Boeing’s proposed system, dubbed Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB), is one of about a half-dozen plans for getting new munitions into production for Ukraine and America’s Eastern European allies, industry sources said.

Although the United States has rebuffed requests for the 185-mile (297km) range ATACMS missile, the GLSDB’s 94-mile (150km) range would allow Ukraine to hit valuable military targets that have been out of reach and help it continue pressing its counterattacks by disrupting Russian rear areas.

There would be a rather swift turnaround, too.

GLSDB could be delivered as early as spring 2023, according to a document reviewed by Reuters and three people familiar with the plan. It combines the GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) with the M26 rocket motor, both of which are common in U.S. inventories.

It is unclear what sort of response this will trigger from the Kremlin, but there is no doubt that some sort of rebuke is forthcoming.

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