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US Officials Fear Russian Invasion of Ukraine Could Occur on Tuesday

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Over the course of the last several weeks, intelligence officials from around the globe have attempted to predict just what Vladimir Putin is planning in regard to Ukraine, but to no avail.

Putin, a former KGB agent-turned-President of Russia, may want nothing at all to do with invading Ukraine.  Knowing what we know of his tactics, this may all just be an exercise designed to test the West’s response time – among other things.

But, should Putin decided to send Russian troops into the sovereign, tiny nation, he’s going to need a reason.  US officials are concerned that a Ukrainian military drill on Tuesday could give him the opening he desires.

The Biden administration has become increasingly outspoken about its concerns that Russia will stage an incident in the coming days that would create a false pretext for an invasion of Ukraine.

U.S. and European intelligence findings in recent days have sparked worries that Russia may try to target a scheduled Ukrainian military exercise slated for Tuesday in eastern Ukraine to launch such a “false-flag operation,” according to two people familiar with the matter. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about it.

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American intelligence officials believe targeting the military exercise is just one of multiple options that Russia has weighed as a possibility for a false-flag operation. The White House has underscored that they do not know with certainty if President Vladimir Putin has made a final determination to launch an invasion.

The US, along with the G-7 and NATO, have suggested that a mighty response awaits Putin should he decide to take military action against Ukraine, but there’s no telling whether or not Putin is at all concerned about that.

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