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US Senate Candidate Suspended by Twitter, Given No Immediate Explanation

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There is a very real problem with the informational bottleneck that we’ve allowed Silicon Valley to create, and a near-perfect illustration of the issue arose this week in Ohio.

That’s where one of the 2022 midterm’s Republican senate hopeful was arbitrarily silenced by Twitter. 

Twitter has suspended the official press account of J.D. Vance, a contender in the Republican primary for Ohio’s Senate race in the midterm elections.

Vance’s primary Twitter account is still active, and he took to the platform earlier today to demand answers from the company and condemn its behavior. “No warning. No explanation of what rules I allegedly broke,” wrote Vance. “But this is what happens when we allow five companies to control what we’re allowed to say.”

Both Vance and his opponent were irate.

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In a comment to Breitbart News, the Ohio candidate accused Twitter of election interference.

”I’m a senate candidate in Ohio, and this was my campaign account,” said Vance. “To me this is election interference—a multinational corporation making it harder for me to communicate with the people of Ohio.”

Vance’s chief opponent in the senate primary, frontrunner Josh Mandel, also commented on the suspension. Mandel’s campaign states that “It’s up to Ohioans to choose Josh Mandel as their next Senator over Never-Trumper JD Vance — not tech oligarchs who think we are puppets they control. Vance’s account must be restored and Twitter held accountable.”

This sort of censorship is sure to be a hot subject of debate in the coming months and years, particularly as a probable 2024 run for the Twitter-banned former President Donald Trump looms over the horizon.

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