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US Sends 90 Tons of Cold, Hard Russia Deterrents to Ukraine

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The United States has just about as much experience tangling with Russia and anyone else on the planet, and this vast history between the two superpowers means that there is little beating around the bush when it comes to the Kremlin getting their comeuppance.

The latest friction between the two nations comes as Russia appears poised to invade Ukraine, despite the likely-phony protestations of Vladimir Putin.

The world has been warning the Russian President for weeks now, making it clear that any aggression toward Ukraine will end in serious trouble.  Still, Putin and his cronies push onward, forcing the US to send one heck of a deterrent to the front line.

Continued tensions between Ukraine and Russia have led to the U.S. providing 90 tons of military aid that arrived in Ukraine, as roughly 100,000 Russian troops remain stationed along the border.

The shipment is part of the additional $200 million of “lethal aid” approved by President Biden in late December and includes ammunition for Ukraine’s front-line defenders, the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv tweeted. Overall, the U.S. has provided $650 million in defense equipment and services to Ukraine in the past year — the most it has ever given that country, according to the State Department.

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“The United States and its allies and partners are standing together to expedite security assistance to Ukraine,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a tweet on Friday. “We are utilizing all available security cooperation tools to help Ukraine bolster its defenses in the face of Russian aggression.”

If Vladimir Putin can’t take this hint, then he’ll just have to take what’s coming to him should he attempt to buck the global community’s stance on the sovereignty of Ukraine.

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