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US Teacher Knocked Out Cold After Student Throws Metal Chair at Her Head

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Showing just how dangerous it is to be a teacher at an inner-city school, a teacher in Michigan was knocked out cold when a rebellious student threw a metal chair at her head in a sneak attack from behind.

The horrendous attack occurred Thursday in a classroom at the Southwestern Classical Academy in the Flint, Michigan, school district, according to TMZ.

The video is frightening. It shows a girl walking away from the teacher, but as the teacher turns her back, the student picks up a chair and hurls it, striking the teacher square in the back of the head.

Not surprisingly, the teacher falls to the floor in a heap.

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The incident allegedly began as an altercation between two students. The teacher apparently was trying to mediate in the screaming match.

According to, the teacher was taken to a local hospital, but was released that same day.

Flint Community Schools Superintendent Kevelin Jones said the teacher was “doing well” and was expected return to the classroom.

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“The resilience and dedication displayed by this educator are truly commendable,” the superintendent added.

Neither the school nor the Flint Police Department released a statement about the student who was seen throwing the chair, but in a general statement, the school superintendent said that the student would be held accountable, according to the school’s conduct codes and the law.

“This video perfectly captures the sad state of Education in Michigan – no sense of order or direction, no respect for teachers, and worst of all, NO LEARNING,” said James Craig, a former Detroit Police Chief wrote on social media.

“Failure to educate young Michiganders is a recipe for increased CRIME, upticks in UNEMPLOYMENT, and SOCIETAL DISORDER. Michiganders deserve better,” he added.

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These inner-city schools certainly face a mountain of problems.

So many inner-city kids are children of single-parent homes with their mothers, a situation that breeds behavioral issues.

Then there is the refusal of the police and prosecutors to hold teens accountable and the extremely lenient legal system that all too often lets them off the hook without even a slap to the wrist. Add to that the useless “education” they are getting, leaving them unable to read, do math or understand science and history.

It all adds up to the worst of all worlds for these kids. Democrat inner cities have lined up a perfect atmosphere for them to fail.



This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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