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Utah Teacher Fired after Telling Kids Trump and Voters are Evil, Mask Opposition is a Threat

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A high school teacher in Utah was fired on the first day of school after delivering an expletive-filled rant against Trump, Republicans, and those who oppose coronavirus mask-wearing.

Teacher Leah Kinyon was outed by a video recorded by a student showing delivering a hate-filled rant to kids on the first day of school in the Alpine Utah School District.

Kinyon hit all the worst woke topics in her speech as reported by Eric Moutsos:

  • She shares her hatred for Donald Trump.
  • She claims that kids with “variants” are going to harm her and her family in a threatening manner.
  • She tells students they are smarter than their parents and not to listen to them.
  • She says that the administrators won’t care if the students say anything.
  • She uses colorful language (F word) about people who talk about LGBTQA the way she doesn’t like.
  • She also threatens students with regards to the LGBTQA community.
  • She says to student “You’re what’s wrong with the world!”

“I hate Donald Trump. I’m going to say it. I don’t care what y’all think — Trump sucks,” she said in the viral four-minute video. “Don’t tattle on me to the freakin’ admin; they don’t give a crap.”

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“This is my classroom, and if you guys are going to put me at risk, you’re going to hear about it,” she added. “Because I have to be here. I don’t have to be happy about the fact that there’s kids coming in here with their variants that could possibly get me or my family sick. That’s rude, and I’m not going to pretend like it’s not.”

She also told the students, “Most of y’alls parents are dumber than you. I’m going to say that out loud. My parents are freaking dumb. Okay, and the minute I figured that out, the world opened up. You don’t have to do everything your parents say. And you don’t have to believe everything your parents believe. Because most likely you’re smarter than them.”

The chemistry teacher was first put on leave. But now the district says that Kinyon is no longer employed by the district.

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