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Uvalde Shooter's 'Abhorrent' Behavior Went on for Months

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It has been rather apparent to the public at large that those who plan and commit mass, premeditated shootings often leave a rather obvious trail of breadcrumbs behind them, yet still we suffer from this plague of mentally-driven crimes.

In fact, in several cases, those who took to schools and concerts and grocery stores with the intention of killing were even known to law enforcement as having the potential for such heinous crimes.

Now, in the still-macabre aftermath of the Robb Elementary School massacre, we are learning that the perpetrator was known to be in a concerning state of mind.

Texas officials holding a special Senate hearing on the Uvalde elementary school mass shooting recognized how despite the 18-year-old gunman’s prior “abhorrent behavior” and animal abuse being common knowledge in the small town of just 17,000 people it was never reported to law enforcement.

During his testimony, Col. Steve McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, also acknowledged how social media — and the lure of instant worldwide notoriety — may have motivated 18-year-old Salvador Ramos to commit the act of mass violence at Robb Elementary School on May 24.

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In the aftermath of the shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead, McCraw told the Texas Senate “Special Committee to Protect All Texans” that he has interviewed between 500 to 700 people so far as part of continuing investigations. He said one teacher told him Ramos “was the student who scared her the most” and that the suspect had begun “dressing like a mass shooter” months before.

And that wasn’t all:

McCraw noted how the revelations from at least half a dozen individuals of Ramos’ concerning behavior happened after the shooting and were never reported to law enforcement beforehand.

He also said that through interviews, many residents observed seeing Ramos carrying a bag of dead cats. Despite what Bettencourt described as such “animal abuse” and “abhorrent behavior,” there was no known record of it from either the school district or law enforcement before the shooting.

And while the community’s inability to get Ramos the help he needed is a terrible bit of lost hindsight, the resident of Uvalde are rightfully furious with their local police department, whose officers acted with a grand ineptitude on the day of the massacre – possibly costing several people their lives.

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