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Vax Mandate Set to Diminish Military by Enormous Number of Troops

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As much of the nation continues to look forward, toward the endemic normalcy that is floating just out of reach over the horizon, there are still a number of aftershocks still to come.

First and foremost, there’s the issue of the economy, which appears to have stunted in its post-COVID recovery, as inflation continues to eat away at the wallets of Americans everywhere.

But there is also a lingering national security issue coming home to roost thanks to the pandemic, as hundreds of thousands of troops prepare to return to civilian life.

At least 260,000 American troops — or about 13 percent of the 2.1 million total force — are not fully vaccinated despite a Biden administration vaccine mandate for the military, and many of them could face discharge.

According to the Department of Defense website, at least 268,858 service members as of July 13 are still not in compliance with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s August 2021 mandate for every member of the military to be fully vaccinated with two doses of a vaccine. That figure does not count the thousands who have not taken any doses.

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And those weren’t even the most shocking numbers…

Only about 20,000 of the more than 260,000 have received a temporary or permanent exemption, according to the latest statistics provided by the services. That means the rest face discharge from the military at a time the services are struggling to find new recruits.

So far, there have been 95 military deaths from coronavirus, with 412,766 who have had it and recovered, according to DOD statistics.

The astounding figures are sure to have a rather significant operational impact on the military, which will undoubtedly create renewed debate about the impact of COVID vaccine mandates.

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