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Veterans in Shock After What They Find Flying in Their Park

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Maine veterans are in shock after discovering a gay pride flag flying in a park designated for them in celebration of Pride month, something they specifically spoke out against and did not want displayed in the area.

Yet another example of the LGBT agenda flying to the forefront of culture as they attempt to force everyone, regardless of their take on their lifestyle, to support the choices they make regarding sexuality.

“I was absolutely shocked,” veteran John Mixon told WCVB-TV of the flag that’s been raised in Ogunquit’s Veterans Park. “I couldn’t believe that someone was even considering it.”

Mixon told the station he isn’t against the gay pride flag in and of itself; he just doesn’t want it in the park alongside the American flag, POW MIA flag, and Maine’s flag.

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“These three flags that are flying here now represent all veterans — gay, straight, black, white — whatever kind of veteran they are represented here in Veterans Park,” he told WGME-TV.

Town Manager Pat Finnegan responded with the following statement:

“The rainbow flag represents that we have a significant number of people who come to Ogunquit partly because of our welcoming nature to gay people, and we want to recognize their contributions to this town.”

Mixon noted that there was a spot, just outside the park, that would be ideal for displaying the Pride flag and would be a compromise that would make everyone happy.

Unfortunately, folks in the LGBTQ camp seem far less interested in compromise and more interested in forcing everyone to accept and support their sexual lifestyle, to normalize that for them because they know it’s not actually normal.

Let’s hope the town honors these veterans’ wishes and move the flag somewhere more neutral. After all these men have sacrificed, it doesn’t seem like asking for a whole lot, does it?

Source: TheBlaze

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