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Vice Media Tumbles, Set to Lay Off Large Numbers of Staff

With 2020 fast approaching, there is no doubt that “fake news” will again be a topic of discussion.  Will Vice still be around to contribute?



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With the “news” industry becoming ever more saturated with inexperienced, fly by night companies, there are bound to be a number of disturbances in the industry.

One of the most notable as of late came from the folks at Buzzfeed, whose first true foray into “real news” was part of the disastrous Steele Dossier debacle.  Their latest, just days ago, was a supposed scoop regarding the testimony of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.  The goof was so bad that the famously private Mueller team was forced to publicly correct the fake news.

Buzzfeed was gutted by the incident, and their financial dire straits are becoming more apparent by the moment.

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Now, it looks as though the fellow youth-news entrepreneurs over at Vice are struggling as well. 

Vice Media joined the pool of news outlets cutting staff in an ongoing industry shakeup this year, it was revealed Friday.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, which broke the news that morning shortly before affected staffers were notified, some 250 employees were laid off, totaling roughly 10 percent of the company’s workforce.

Hours after THR’s article hit the web, reactions began pouring in on Twitter, some former workers announcing they’d lost their jobs.

One employee who survived the cuts told The Wrap’s Jon Levine that a range of staffers were impacted, from production assistants to more senior individuals, including a producer for Vice News Tonight’s 2017 report on violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Viceland, the television network created by Vice, is home to some of the stranger shows on television, reminding many of the early years of MTV…but with a whole lot more drugs.

With 2020 fast approaching, there is no doubt that “fake news” will again be a topic of discussion.  Will Vice still be around to contribute?  That’s the real question.


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Anti Trump Pop Singer Verbally Eviscerates Bernie Sanders’ Voting Rights Idea

When Cher thinks you’re going too far to the left, that’s saying something.




America has undoubtedly felt the pull of extremism in politics as of late, and some prominent public figures have begun to lash out at some of the wilder notions. This polarization is undeniably due to the sensationalism of the mainstream media, who have taken to the Trump presidency with a verbose and vitriolic attitude.  It certainly doesn’t help that President Trump is a bombastic and stubborn leader who revels in the public eye, taking pot shots at pundits and talking heads whenever he feels the urge. This division has caused our politicians, particularly those within the 2020 democratic field, to drive their party hard to the left in order to offset the Trump administration. But how far is too far?  Bernie Sanders’ recent proposal to allow incarcerated criminals to vote has certainly prompted that very question, with even some of the most progressive pop stars and most vocal anti-Trump voices rebuffing the democratic socialist. [Author’s warning:  Strong language ahead.] Pop star Cher defended herself from attacks on social media Tuesday in a series of now-deleted tweets after she was criticized for questioning Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) plan to let felons and terrorists vote. “TERRORIST KILLED INNOCENT PPL. IM SICK OF BEING NAILED 2 CROSS BECAUSE U PPL THINK IM A RACIST‼️IM NOT GOING TO DEFEND MYSELF‼️I CARE 4 ALL PPL,TRY TO HELP ALL PPL,” Cher said. “Excuse The Fk Out Of Me If I don’t want ,Murders, Rapists, &; CHILD MOLESTERS of every color to vote.” This post comes in response to a social media user who criticized Cher for panning the idea of letting felons vote. Cher has long been a critic of President Trump, and a staunch liberal, making her rebuke of Bernie Sanders’ plans a profound endorsement of the idea that the left is turning radical.

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Sarah Sanders Pressed to Resign or Be Fired by CNN Analyst

You know that things are looking desperate when television entertainers start telling the White House who to hire and fire.



The media is having a heyday with the Mueller report, warping and wilting the 400+ pages to match whichever narrative they see fit. The President continues to tout the idea of “total exoneration”, complete with his “no obstruction” line, but even the most magnanimous of “news” providers are cautioning that this is likely an erroneous or misleading statement.  The Mueller report specifically and unequivocally states otherwise, but we aren’t talking about guilt anymore…we’re talking about political culpability. In that context, President Trump’s flippant, hand-wringing responses are more for the court of public opinion than the actual courts, and all of this is in response to the hyperbolic and partisan media hackery that we’ve been subjected to over the course of the last 12 hours, nay, the last 22 months. And the world of infotainment isn’t done yet, either, as CNN analysts are now making suggestions as to how Trump should rearrange his staff based on their findings in the Mueller report itself. CNN political analyst April Ryan called for the firing of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on Thursday, claiming Sanders “lied” to the media following the release of the Mueller report. In May 2017, following the turbulent firing of FBI Director James Comey, Sanders told reporters that “countless” FBI agents had lost confidence in Comey despite one reporter’s assertion that the “vast majority” of them supported his leadership. According to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, Sanders told investigators her claim was a “slip of the tongue” and was “in the heat of the moment,” admitting that it was not founded on anything. The White House’s current culture of upheaval notwithstanding, April Ryan’s understanding of the situation on Pennsylvania Avenue can only be interpreted through the lens of her position within the Washington infotainment industry, and is not indicate of…

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