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VICTORY: Supreme Court Makes Huge Decision Regarding Pro-Life Centers

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The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of pro-life pregnancy centers in California by a vote of 5-4 that these facilities do not have to advertise abortion services, which amounts to a violation of the beliefs held by the individuals who run these centers.

This is great news as these establishments help provide help and hope in a variety of ways for women who find themselves pregnant and want to either keep the child or give it up for adoption, choosing to honor the life of an image bearer of God rather than murder their offspring for the sake of convenience.

National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra concerned a 2015 law forcing pregnancy centers to provide written information advertising how to obtain abortions in the state at taxpayer expense, and requiring those without medical licenses to post disclaimers that they do not offer medical services. The National Institution of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) represented nearly 1,500 pro-life pregnancy centers opposed to the law.

California argued that the law was necessary to prevent “deceptive advertising” by pregnancy centers, echoing a false claim commonly leveled at pregnancy centers across the country by abortion advocates. Pro-lifers responded by calling the requirements “compelled speech” that violated the First Amendment, and which would have dramatic ramifications for free speech and religious liberty if they were allowed to stand.

In a majority opinion written by Justice Clarence Thomas, the court struck down the law as a violation of the First Amendment. Thomas rejected California’s argument that “professional speech” was a separate category from that covered in the Bill of Rights, noting that “[s]peech is not unprotected merely because it is uttered by ‘professionals.’”

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“As with other kinds of speech, regulating the content of professionals’ speech ‘pose[s] the inherent risk that the Government seeks not to advance a legitimate regulatory goal, but to suppress unpopular ideas or information,’” Thomas continued, noting that “[t]hroughout history, governments have “manipulat[ed] the content of doctor-patient discourse” to increase state power and suppress minorities.”

Abortion is not just one of the biggest threats to our liberty — it undermines the most fundamental right of all, life, and thus if it is destroyed our other liberties fall as well — but it is a heinous assault on the Creator of the universe who saw fit to make us in His image.

By murdering anyone, we violate his commandments and essentially spit in His face, stating that we do not care for his gift of life nor honor His law and authority.

Any society that is willing to murder its young, to deny them the right to live, grow, and thrive, sacrificing them on the altar of convenience is not only a murderer, but an idolator as well, worshiping themselves as god.

If we do not do something to dismantle this horrific practice, it will not be long before our freedoms fall, a sure judgment from a righteous God on a rebellious people.

Source: LifeSiteNews

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