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VIDEO: Biden Has Trouble Counting to Three During Live Appearance

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US President Joe Biden has long been known for his gaffes.  The man is just blessed with gibberish.

His nonsensical ramblings used to be considered rather harmless, and, to be honest, some were downright hilarious.  But now that the Commander in Chief is on the precipice of 80, the mush-mouth routine is no longer a nonchalant distraction from his work in the White House – it is often alarming.

The latest clip demonstrating this point comes to us on Friday, after it appeared that the President was having trouble counting to three.

President Joe Biden kicked off a speech on the economy Friday with a classic brain-freeze moment.

“Let me start off with two words — Made in America,” he said, using three words in front of a sign that read “Made in America.”

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“Made in America,” he repeated, without correcting his mistake. “That’s not hyperbole, I’m not joking about that as you know.”

The moment went viral on social media.

The President has had similar trouble previously.

In 2008, Biden made headlines during a stump speech in which he implored the benefits of a “three letter word”:  “Jobs”.


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