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VIDEO: Captured 'Chupacabra' Spooks Residents in India

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For years, rural farmers in Texas and Mexico have heard whispers about a strange creature known colloquially as the Chupacabra, but much like other elusive, mythical beasts, very little evidence of the animal exists.

There was one famous incident in recent years in which a woman in The Lone Star State shot and killed what she believed to be a Chupacabra, but skeptics have suggested that the strange, hairless canine was little more than a mangy coyote or coy-dog hybrid.

This week, clear across the globe in India, local residents have shared video of they they believe is a captured Chupacabra, plucked from a residence after a number of sightings.

According to a local media report, the curious critter was discovered crawling up the wall of a residence in the city of Muzaffarpur earlier this week. The presence of the puzzling creature understandably caused concern among the people living in the house and they subsequently fled the home shortly after filming the frightening animal.

The strange animal soon captured.

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While the residents of the home were too frightened to go back inside while the creature was there, a swarm of people ventured to the house in the hopes of seeing the odd animal from the footage which had gone viral on social media in India. Eventually, local wildlife officials arrived on the scene and managed to catch the critter, which has sparked something of a debate online as no one is quite what the creature could be.

And while skeptics have suggested that the animal is nothing more exotic than a mangy civet or dog, you can judge for yourself in the video below:


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