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VIDEO: Chelsea Clinton Takes Condescending Pot Shot at SCOTUS Nominee Kavanaugh. Check Out What Was Said.



Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton recently made an appearance on “CBS This Morning” where she made some pretty snide, condescending remarks concerning the Senate Judiciary Hearings of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the allegations of sexual assault he is facing, stating that he has been “nakedly partisan.”

Kind of a strange way to word things, but maybe, just maybe we ought to hear the young Clinton out, really lend an ear to what she has to say. We’ll probably regret this.

Host Gayle King asked Clinton, “What did you think during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings?” She added breathlessly, “I was dying to know when we were sitting there and we were all there covering it and the Clinton name came up in his opening statement. Did you call your mom or your dad and say, ‘Can you believe he just mentioned our name?’ You all must have had a discussion about it. What was that like?”

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Clinton replied, “Well, I didn’t watch it live, because I was actually at an event at Yale.”

King pressed, “But you heard about it.”

Clinton answered, “Oh, I watched it when I got home.” Then, her voice dripping with condescension, she continued of Kavanaugh, “And I just thought, oh, my gosh, we loom so much larger in your mind than you loom, at least in mine. Like, I don’t think I heard his name until he was nominated weeks ago.”

Then Clinton went on the attack: “But to me, what was so troubling was how nakedly partisan he was. And I think the principle of a judicial review being absent of partisanship is still really important, so if he had gone after President Bush or President Reagan’s family I’d feel the same way. Like I just don’t think that that is healthy as a dynamic on the Supreme Court, or, really, candidly, any court.”

How long do you think it will be before we see this young Clinton carrying on the family legacy by exploiting people and digging her toes in the sand of political corruption for the sake of a lengthy career funding by public taxpayers? Probably not long, as it’s clear she’s being groomed for something like that sometime down the road.

And we thought we might be rid of the Clintons with Hillary’s loss in 2016. Not a chance.

Source: Daily Wire


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