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VIDEO: CNN Analyst Calls for Ridiculous Measures to Stop President Trump



A CNN analyst is once again providing more canon fodder for all of us who think this news organization has lost their marbles and their souls in their “crusade” against President Trump by calling for a “shadow government” to stop the current administration.

This ridiculous statement comes in light of the president’s recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. Anderson Cooper, an anchor for the network, called Trump’s performance at Helsinki “perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president at a summit in front of a Russian leader certainly that I’ve ever seen.”

CNN analyst Philip Mudd agreed. “My question would be when do member of the President’s inner circle start to say, ‘Look, we have an overseas dilemma where you are portraying, in terms of the American government, as worse than a tyrant, that is Vladimir Putin.'”

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Mudd continued: “The Secretary of Homeland Security came out with statements this week about continued Russian interference. This was not on Obama’s watch, that’s this week. FBI director continues the investigation. Department of Justice continues support for the investigation. Congress continues saying that this investigation is legitimate.”

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Then Mudd made the surprising call for a “shadow government” to stop Trump.

“Curious point in American government,” Mudd said. “When do we see almost a shadow government come out and say, ‘We cannot side with the government, whether its cabinet or the Senate.’ I think that’s the big question.”

Look, it’s a pretty safe bet that the vast majority of folks who voted for Donald Trump back in 2016, were well aware the man, who has no prior political experience, would not do every single thing right and thus adjusted their expectations for times when he would screw the pooch a bit.

Every world leader has made significant blunders when dealing with foreign dignitaries and leadership, yet no one was demanding they be removed from office or undermined by a “shadow government.”

Yes, what Trump said about having confidence in both Russian parties was an awful thing to say, especially given that one party is a murderous dictator. Granted, the other party is their intelligence apparatus, which works for the murderous dictator, so perhaps not supporting either one of them would be the better option.

Still, contrary to what liberals are saying, this statement does not at all mean the president was in league with the Russians to steal election victories. It’s more likely stemming from the man’s enormous ego that gets somewhat wounded when the idea is suggested that he didn’t win this election fair and square.

President Trump has still done a stupendous job of running the country and has accomplished more than anyone dared dream possible in his first two years in office. However, the man isn’t perfect. He will make missteps from time to time. That doesn’t mean his whole presidency is a sham.

The left really needs to calm the hysterics down.

Source: Daily Wire

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